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Privacy Policy : Payday Personal Loans

Payday Personal Loans take the privacy and security of your non-public sensitive information seriously, and think it is important that you comprehend its essentiality.

The Information we collect at Payday Personal Loans includes that which you provide from online applications, information regarding your transactions at Payday Personal Loans, information about your transactions with other parties, information from a consumer reporting agency and we collect it through your requests for our products or services like income on loan applications, your transactions with us and with others like your loan balance information, and through other means of communication including information provided by mail, telephone, in person or electronically. Such information may include your name, address, employment, income, and other identifying information.

Our security measures comprises of a combination of encryption techniques and other privacy protection measures. Encryption is a way to scramble data to make it unreadable to anyone other than the intended recipient. If it is intercepted by a third party while traveling over a network it cannot be read. Only the persons sending and receiving the encrypted data have a key to unscramble the data and make it readable.

All sensitive information submitted through the website is encrypted before it is stored in the Payday Personal Loans. Encrypted sensitive information is deleted from the database after several days. Instant Paydayloan Cash also maintains and enforces strict internal policies that prohibit employees or third parties from accessing or viewing your sensitive.
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